Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Home Study Visit

Well, this afternoon was our first home study appointment. I admit, I was a little anxious about it, but things went very well. Our Social Worker (sw) arrived about 2:30 and spent some time interviewing Tom.  When I arrived home a little after 4, she was up in Tommy's room spending some one on one time with him.

Then, she sat down with Tom and me together. Once that portion of the questioning was over, he left us alone for my one on one interview.  The sw was thorough, but not overly invasive. Very pleasant.  She is supportive of our attempt to break the barrier of speed on this one and agreed to come back for visit #2 tomorrow morning at 7:45.

After that visit, we will head to the doctor for our required physicals.  The homestudy was about 50% complete when she came tonight and we now wait on reference letters, FBI clearance for criminal background checks, physician letters, and educational hours. Once Tom and I log 10 hours of adoption education (scheduled this weekend) and get all those other documents sent in, then the sw can complete the home study and send it overnight to Columbia for approval at DSS.

In the meantime, our pre-approval packet has arrived in WA and they are having it translated into Chinese to be sent there for approval.  This should be completed by Friday.  So far, each step of the process has gone remarkably well.  So long as we continue to stay one step ahead of each potential roadblock, we will soon see light at the end of this tunnel and be able to bring our boy home!

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