Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our first hiccups-- who said we were accepting those anyway?

Did I mention I don't like delays? Well, today, as I was talking to our new adoption case worker, I learned that the beautiful state of RI sent us a version (certified,yes) of Tom's birth certificate that the Secretary of State in RI will not authenticate.  What does that mean?  Well, basically, it means that the step we thought we completed almost a month ago now will have to start all over.  So, tomorrow, I will send a second request for his birth certificate, pay more money to rush it and hope that they send us the right one this time. (Ugh.)  I will pray that this will not hinder any of our other processes already underway.

Our case worker, Heidi, is working on a calendar for us that will detail the rest of the process and show us what has to happen and by when in order to get Junchi before his birthday in late August.  It will be very helpful for me to have something like this to keep us always looking one step ahead.

Our homestudy was delivered overnight mail to SC DSS on Monday, but apparently was not delivered from the mailroom to the social worker in charge, so she still has not approved, or even seen our home study.  I hope that she will get it tomorrow and can turn it around quickly.  So, let's call that hiccup #2.

As far as we know right now, these are the only two issues at hand. A lot for me, but nothing for an all-knowing God who is never surprised.  So, we rest in His plan for our family and scurry around doing those things that we are able to control. :-)

Have a blessed evening everyone!

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