Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Very Special Gift

This morning, a good friend handed Tom an envelope with his name written on it.  Once we had the chance to open it, we realized that it was a check for $100! Knowing that we are fundraising for our son, that was a very meaningful and heartfelt gift. However, what made it so very special to us, was that he specifically indicated that it was for "his birthday".  Our son will turn 14 in August and this is a particularly significant birthday as he will no longer be eligible for adoption once he turns 14 in China.

His gift was a statement of generosity, but also one of faith. Faith that we would indeed be celebrating his 14th birthday with him in August.  Thank you dear friends!  Your thoughtfulness has touched our hearts and we pray that the Lord will continue to open doors as he has clearly done this past week so that we can all celebrate together the 14th birthday of this special boy!
The Rylands

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