Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update to the Hiccups/ Fundraiser Update

So, I finally received word that the home study that was sent overnight to SC DSS on Monday this week FINALLY arrived on the desk of its intended recipient. :-)  So, she will review it tomorrow.  Then, if all goes well, it will be sent to the Missouri office of USCIS for processing.  I am unclear how long this step will take, but my case manager at WACAP (placement agency) assures me that she has contacts there that can assist with this step.

As for the birth certificate, I finally got someone to return my call this afternoon from RI Vital Records and they agreed to expedite the second request and send directly to the secretary of state for Authentication.  So, we are hopeful that this can come back to us by Tuesday (since Monday is a Holiday).  Fingers crossed!

Heidi (case worker) emailed today and said that she is still working on our calendar of events and we should have that soon. This will give us some visibility into the remaining steps of the process and help us stay on track.  We are praying that we will get Travel approval BEFORE August 1.  Not only because this will help assure a timely completion before his birthday, but also because if we do not get approval to travel by that date, the new laws state that we will need to undergo home assessments from a social worker for 5 years.  These reviews are $300 each and we will need 6 of them rather than the 3 that are required as of now. (1 month home, 6 months home and 1 year home).  If we receive travel approval before 8/1, then we are in much better shape.

Donations for our community yard sale are coming in little by bit and we have been sorting things into categories each evening. Our garage looks a bit like a storage locker at this point, but we are so grateful for the generosity of our friends.  We have even gotten donations from strangers which has been very humbling.  I hope that all of you who are local will come join us on the morning of June 11th to shop!  We will have some super deals.  Even the clothes being donated are really nice. We will have furniture (chairs, dressers...), gowns, clothing, books, kitchen items, baby clothes & toys/equipment, bikes....  If you have things that you would like to clear out of your home for a good cause, we will be glad to take them for the sale.  My goal is to fill Carl & Lisa's yard to the brim.  Our personal goal is to raise  enough to cover at least one plane ticket to China (roughly $2000).  I realize that this is ambitious, but I am confident that it can be done.  Two more weeks... mark your calendars!

I guess that is it for now.  Sweet dreams to you all! Good night!
Love, The Rylands

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