Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Charlotte Bound!

Adoption (and bureaucracy in general) is always such an adventure! (Kindest word I could come up with today)  Have you ever had those days when you just knew that God was trying to teach you a lesson?  Even when you thought you "HAD THAT ONE DOWN"?  Apparently, I am being taught (once again) that I AM NOT IN CONTROL.  Seriously, I do know this.  I also know that God has this entire process in the palm of His very capable hands.  This does not, however, keep me from boiling when it comes to stupidity and wastefulness.

Today's lesson is that there are times when we must do things that make no sense.  Times when, despite the absurdity of the process, you must jump through the hoops, regardless of the cost or inconvenience, in order to reach your ultimate goal!

Yesterday, we were informed (for the first time I might add!) that Colin would need to appear in person before an immigration officer to administer the oath of loyalty to the United States in order to get his certificate of citizenship.  You might ask, "Wasn't he already a citizen when he arrived into the country?" And, the answer is YES!  However, because he was 14 when he crossed the border, he has to appear in person in order for them to give us paperwork that proves it.    Paperwork that they simply mail to all the 13 year olds who come here. Do you have any idea how much I LOVE bureaucracy? (Breathing deeply here...)

So, our 14 year old son, who does not SPEAK English, does not READ English and who can understand VERY LITTLE English, will go 4 hours away from home, to another state and nod his head and sign a piece of paper he does not understand to confirm what is already a legal fact.  Are we all on the same page here?

Hopefully, this time tomorrow, we will have this all important document in our hot little hands and we can proceed with getting him a US Passport in time for our trip to China for Cameron.

Thanks for listening.  I feel better now.



Jenni Hester said...

Oh, how frustrating!! So he'll be a citizen before...and still a citizen after... CRAZY!! Praying the Lord will allow you to find joy in the unexpected (and frustrating!) nuances of international adoption :) Safe travels!! Blessings, Jenni

Mom2Four said...

Drat! I was so hoping you could get this done closer to home.