Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let the Nesting Begin!

So, we are in full "nesting" mode here now as we rearrange the house once again to make room for Cameron.  When we prepared for Colin, it was a fairly simple task.  We turned our guest room into his bedroom which really only involved cleaning out the closet and getting a new bedspread.  But, for Cameron, things are not quite so simple...

The only room left for a bedroom was the one that we had been using for an office/ classroom and it was FULL!  So, the dominoes started to fall when we sold our cute round (4 person) kitchen table and moved the formal dining table into that space.

The "Before"

Then, the china cabinet had to move.  
And so it begins....

The "After"

Furniture all over the house stuffed into rooms 
where they don't belong so that we can make a path
 for something else to move...

The Living Room all crowded with STUFF!

While everyone else is working.... 
Tommy is securing the sofa!  
What a helper!!

Tommy's room turned upside down during the transition.

The before.... Classroom/Office

The After...........Cameron's Bedroom

Front Room of the house......

What used to be our formal dining room is now.....

Rylands' Academy!

Tommy's desk and learning area

Tom's desk and Rosetta Stone Central!

Colin/Cameron's Desk- Here is Colin working diligently on his World Geography lesson

White Board cleverly hung on our supply cubbies!  Go Tom!

So, we are one step closer to having the house ready to welcome home our newest son!


Sharon said...

It looks wonderful! Our dining room is now gone too. Don't miss it a bit! :)

See y'all soon!


kimjax said...

You are going to LOVE having your school downstairs! (much closer to the fridge,lol) I love using my dining room for school and projects - we always eat in the kitchen as well. It looks great!