Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Very Happy Thanksgiving

This year, we had ALMOST the entire "Jewell" sibling cluster together for Thanksgiving. We were only missing one, my brother Mark and his family.  
We hope to see them at Christmas.  

However, while Mark was missed, it was really nice to see my brother Scott, sister Amy and brother Adam along with their spouses and children. 

This was Colin's first time meeting his Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

It was a cozy night with 1o adults and 7 children all crammed into 
Mom & Charlie's house in Orangeburg, SC but we survived.

The kids (large and small) had a blast playing outside the entire time and running around the woods.  They had all the necessities:
Rocks, gravel, dirt, sticks, pine branches, buckets, rakes, shovels......

You get the idea?  It was a very NATURAL, outdoorsey sort of Thanksgiving this year.

We were all so busy visiting and catching up that we took very few pictures, but suffice it to say....

The food was fabulous! (Thanks Mom & Tom), 
the company was great and the children had a ball!

Jewell Grandchildren from left to right:

Colin Rylands, age 14
Karsyn Jewell, age 8
Tommy Rylands, age 7
Gracyn Jewell, age 5 (almost 6)
Lindsey Cunningham, age 5
Jake Cunningham, age 2
Ryan Cunningham, age 2
**Missing: Easton Jewell, age 3 months and 
Cameron Rylands (still in China)

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