Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update on Cameron

We requested some information on Cameron a few weeks ago and we got our answers back today! :-)

Looks like our sweet boy is happy about the idea of being adopted.  It is looking more and more like we will be spending Christmas Day en route to our hotel in Wuhan.    Here is what they shared about him:

1. Updated height:134CM, weight 30KGhead size 55CMchest size 62CM 
    Shoe size: 
left foot length 19cm; right foot length 21cm because of repaired club feet.
    Pants size 
    Shirt size 

2. What is your favorite subject in school?

3. What is your favorite food? Do you like spicy foods?
He eats regular food as long as it’s not too spicy. He doesn’t like fish because it has bones. He doesn’t like toufu as well because of blank taste. He likes different kinds of fruits, such as banana, apple, great grape, etc.

4. How do you feel about being adopted to America?
He said he really wants to have a forever family, no matter where the family comes from. The best country is USA because he can learn English. He also said that he is turning 14 years old soon. It seems hard to find forever family. He is also worried about his English. He is looking forward to be adopted by one family.

5. What is your favorite activity?
He likes jumping rope, he can jump over 100 per minute. He likes to play badminton and basket ball.

6. How do you like to spend your free time?
After finishing his homework after school, he will play badminton/basket ball or play games with his room mates. He sometimes likes to read the books which tell about animals.

7. Favorite sport? Color?
He likes red, blue, green, yellow, he dosen’t like black.

8. Personality?
He is very nice. he is very happy to be adopted by American family.

We should get our LOA any day now and then we can send him a letter, photo album and care package.

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