Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving ahead

We have great news.  The I800 paperwork was processed through the lockbox in Texas immediately and they sent it to our officer in MO via 

overnight mail!  

I had sent them an email at the support address with this request, but did not expect that they would comply and they DID!  So grateful.  We expect to get our LOA (Official approval from China) today or tomorrow and as soon as we have it, USCIS can approve our I800 and get it moving once again.

This has saved us at least 7-10 days of waiting.  Thank you Lord and thank you to those who have been praying about this part of the process!

Our next step.... sending sweet Cameron his letter and care package so that he will know for certain that he has a family coming for him!

Angry Birds Lounge Pants and T shirt

Time to start PACKING!!!



Linette said...


Annie said...

Whoo Hoo!!!!! I cannot wait until he knows he has a family!!!!! Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...


I am SO excited for you!! I was so taken with your Cameron (absolutely love the name you chose for him!) and was reduced to tears when we came home from China at the end of September and saw he was still on the list. My heart aches for the aging out kids. Sadly, we are not permitted to adopt out of birth order or adopt more than one at a time so we couldn't bring him home oursleves. Learning that your family is bringing him home made me so happy, more tears but very, very happy ones this time!! Thank you SO much for allowing everyone to follow along on your journey to your sons! Love sharing in your excitement and seeing how everything is all coming together. Can't wait for the post about him learning he has a wonderful family working so hard to bring him home!!

Save and happy travels,
Angela (Canada)

The Rylands Family said...

Thanks Ladies! Angela, it is so heartwarming to know that so many have had our sweet boy in their hearts as he was in ours. Thank you for your continued prayers! Angie