Friday, November 4, 2011

Progress and Praises!

We finally received our I800a approval 

and now we do this lockbox thing one more time!  

This time, the I800 and all the accompanying paperwork goes 
back to the lockbox with yet another check 

and on to MO one more time.  

BTW, normally, this does not happen back to back.  For the average adoption, there are several months between these two steps.  So, the FedEx man just left

with our new packet and it will be delivered on Monday in TX.  

Any Questions?  I know, that is not at all confusing!

So, on to the PRAISE part of this update.... Our great God has confirmed for us, once again, that this sweet boy is meant to come home and be a Rylands!  Yesterday, we received notice that we were approved for a very generous grant which has allowed us to not only pay the current bill, but have enough left over to help with the ones to come.  We are not completely to our goal, but we took a massive jump in the right direction last night!  We are so thankful and excited!

Tom and Angie


kimjax said...

Thanks for supporting Fedex, Angie!! It's paying for my adoption, lol! So happy for ya!

Linette said...

Great news!! I've been praying for y'all's paperwork!

The Rylands Family said...

Thanks Linette! We are so appreciative of the prayers lifted on our behalf. This week should prove a significant one!