Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Food Highlights

So I realize that this is random, but it has come to my attention that there are many "soon to travel" families that frequent the Rylands family blog, so I thought I would address the food.
Some people have a tad bit of anxiety about food while traveling abroad.
(Can you imagine?)
So, here are some random food shots from our trip.
From Hong Kong we have....
Cameron ordered a traditional beef noodle bowl from the restaurant atop the Peak.
Note: Way more meat in this bowl than I ever saw in China.

Mom's entree was noodles (fried?) with nice sized shrimp.
Verdict?  Very good and she doesn't especially like "Chinese" food.

My entree was a pork sandwich and fries.
Note: Way too much "sauce" for my liking, but overall good.

From the Sky City Marriott restaurant we have this mini cup made of chocolate
 with a tirimisu style custard inside garnished with a chocolate covered coffee bean.
Not sure the photo does it justice. It could sit easily in the palm of your hand.
Very small and delicate.

Super yummy and the presentation was fantastic!

Also a mini dessert available at the dinner buffet-
Mini Creme Brulee'

That no-name chocolate thing.
Something a friend ordered.
Not sure, but I think it was Indian food.
He seemed to enjoy it.  There were quite a few Indian choices on the buffet.
4 cheese pizza at the Marriott Hotel- ordered from menu.
Not bad at all. Couldn't eat it all, but it was tasty.

Once we arrived in China, the fare changed a bit.
These "goodies" were purchased by my Mother from the
bakery inside the JW Marriott in Chongqing, China.

In celebration of Connor's "Gotcha Day".

Our crew eating the celebratory baked goods!
At lunch, there was a myriad of pastries and breads which can be, at times,
 the only "normal" thing you see. 
Fortunately, in this hotel, we also had eggs and pancakes, etc.
Photo of the restaurant at the JW Marriott in Chongqing.
 Now we are in Changsha where we met Cooper.
We stayed at the Dolton Hotel
All but me and Cooper at breakfast.  I am sure he was getting more food.

Precious "milk tea"!
For those who love coffee but would rather not need a knife to "drink" it,
Milk Tea may be a nice alternative for you.
I liken it to a vanilla (y) hot chocolate or cappaccino.
Super yummy and warm.
Later we went to visit the orphanage and had a real feast.  I blogged specifically about that here.
The food below as prepared for us
(and much more that came later)
 to celebrate Cooper.
Of the items pictured here, the one at the top (prok & green peppers) was my favorite.
 The seasoning was outstanding and it was one of those dishes where you could eat a lot. (Not too spicy)
 The following two dishes were from lunch on the second floor of the JW Marriott (Food Street)
Beef and onions with something that looked like cherry tomatoes, but was a hot pepper of some kind.

We loved the pork adn green peppers so much from the orphanage
 visit that we ordered it again the next day at the hotel!
Now we move on to Guangzhou where things are a little more... normal.
Waffles, pastries, omlets and the traditional soups, porridge, meats, cheeses and fresh fruit.

For those who are on facebook and have not sent me a friend request, please feel free to do so.  I have been much better about posting pics on there this trip than I have been about blogging.

Can't wait to get home!  We leave tomorrow morning around 10:15 for the airport. (10:15 PM Friday night, Eastern US time).  


savinggrace said...

Love you Angie and cannot wait to see you tomorrow night! I have enjoyed seeing pictures of those boys and will get to see them tomorrow!!! Yay!!!! Praying you home! xxooxx

Dizzy said...

Save travels back to the states:)