Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yes, we are in China!

Yes friends, we are in China!
I am sorry that I've been neglectful in getting a post up until now. 
We arrived in Hong Kong very late on Thursday evening
and by the time we got to the hotel and got settled for bed, it was around 1 AM Friday. 
As much as I would have liked to rest on Friday, it was the only opportunity I had to visit with my partners in Hong Kong from Mother's Choice.
(For those who do not know, Mother's Choice is the licensed child placing agency
in Hong Kong that Lifeline partners with.)
These ladies were wonderful hosts.
We took a bus from the Marriott to the Tung Chung Metro Station.
From there, we had the adventure of getting tickets and finding our way to the entrance.
We rode all the way to Hong Kong Station (last stop) and met one of the Social Workers there.

Janice took us to the Peak Tram where we rode a tram car up the side of a mountain and saw some amazing views of the city.

Then we went to visit the rest of the staff at Mother's Choice.
The Mother's Choice Building in Hong Kong
From Left to Right: Stella (Social Worker), Me, Cameron, and Connie (Social Work Supervisor)
I was able to see several of the special kiddos on our Hong Kong waiting children page
and love on them.
I also went to the Kowloon Hospital to visit "Allison" from our waiting list. 
It is great to be able to see these children personally and send pictures and videos to the Mamas and Daddies working so hard to get them home!
By this time, it was 5PM local time and to say we were tired is really understating things.
We had to take an hour long bus ride back to our hotel from Kowloon and arrived back around 6.
Despite our exhaustion, we had made plans to meet a new friend for dinner.
These new friends have a real heart for adoption and have themselves adopted two beautiful children from China. (got to see pictures!)
We "met" last year while we were in the process of adopting Cameron and I found out that they had been praying for Cameron to find a family.
How cool is that?
Especially cool since I also learned that they lived in Hong Kong!
So, when I realized that my travels would take me through HK this time, I just had to meet them!
They have been so supportive of our adoptions and lifted us up in prayer and we are truly blessed to have met them. 
This sweet couple met us for dinner at our hotel and despite the painfully difficult jetlag, we had the most delightful time getting to know them.
After dinner we crashed. HARD.
The following day, (Saturday local time), we had plans to go sightsee a bit, but apparently the Lord had other plans. 
I spent Friday night and all day Saturday feeling awful! So awful that we didn't leave the room most of the day. 
Even though our dear friends were in town adopting their daughter, I just couldn't leave.
But, after a long afternoon nap and getting a lot of computer work done, Mom called downstairs to make me an appointment for a pedicure!
Now most of you might think that she was trying to perk me up, but...
truth be told... I think she was embarrased by my feet! Four adoptions in 19 months have not left much time or money for such luxuries ladies.
I admit it, my feet were horrible!
But now?
Perty toes!  Yes, I said perty.
So, Sunday came and we enjoyed a good breakfast and got ourselves to the airport.  A quick "good-bye for now" to our Charleston buddies, Jessica and  Travis and off we went.
(We are meeting back up with them in
Guangzhou at the end of this week).
So we are now in Chongqing.
Thanks to knowing some people in high places...(a brother-in-law that works for Marriott)
We landed a beautiful room on the Executive floor of the JW Marriott in Chongqing.
It may just be the nicest room I've ever seen.  I will try to get some pics for you later in case anyone else decides to stay here in the future.
We are only staying for 2 nights, but they will be 2 nice, comfy nights!
Our guide, Michael, is quite nice and seems very experienced.  He took us shopping in a nearby shopping plaza for essentials.
It is now 10:30 PM on Sunday night and we will be meeting our newest son, Connor, in about 16 hours.  We will leave the hotel at 1:30 and head to Civil Affairs to meet him for the first time.
That will be about 2 AM for all our East Coast friends...for those of you on the west may still be awake when we get there.
I will try my best to post a pic as soon as I can.
Good night all!


Annie said...

SO SO SO excited for you my dear friend!!! Cannot wait to meet those beautiful boys!

Anonymous said...

What a gift to get to connect with praying friends! And to get to get photos/videos for waiting families - what a priceless treasure that'll be for them as they wait!

Praying as you prepare to meet Connor soon!!!

savinggrace said...

Love you Angie!!! Blessed to read about your Journey and time thus far! Thank you for being transparent and allowing us to share in your joy!!!! we love you!!!! Praying you home! Praying for Conner tomorrow and for a smooth transition! xxooxx