Monday, March 25, 2013

Two more precious boys are HOME!

We are HOME!
So, I need to beg forgiveness for not posting very much while in China.
I have lots of excuses, so I thought I would list them for you... :-)
Skyping Home.
Scheduled appointments.
Meeting new (or old, online) friends.
Occasionally assisting my great travel team from Lifeline.
 (Yes, I confess. I worked.  Not nearly as much as my wonderful new assistant and the team that backed me up while I was away, but none the less, I worked.)
You see, when God allows you to work in a ministry about which you are deeply and personally passionate, you just do it. It becomes a part of you.  As I was in China, living the early days with two amazing young boys, a part of my heart was with the Hong Kong and SC families that I serve. Their needs were never far from my thoughts, so as I was able, I did my best to coordinate things from afar! 
And last but not least...
(my own personal photo album and excuse for not blogging...)
So, if you are NOT one of my many facebook friends, and want to be, send a friend request so you can see all the photos I posted over the past couple weeks.
All that said, I know that some of you here are NOT on facebook and one or two maybe even really DO live under the proverbial rock, so...
Here is a glimpse of our two newest sons home for the first time!
Cooper starting out on the long (L-O-N-G) flight home!

So grateful for the distraction of technology on a flight like this!
Here we are at the Charleston airport!



Showing the boys their new rooms...
Tom even had the beds turned down and ready for the boys to arrive.

 After a full night's sleep, the boys promptly went through the piles on the table and found the new Yo-yos and other small toys/books we brought home.  It was like Christmas morning around here!

We must take a break in the story here to represent the 5 hour "nap" I took this afternoon!
Once I woke up...correction...was woken up, it was almost time for dinner!
Colin grabbed the camera and starting clicking away.
Our first family dinner as a family of 7!

After dinner, we continued with the one goal of the day...LAUNDRY!
*Why exactly did I think it was a good idea to teach my new children to wear clean clothes everyday?????? #times5!
Cameron, my best clothes folder, was on "teacher duty" after dinner and showed Cooper how to fold the clothes.

For those of you who just gasped...and thought, "What?  Chores?  They just got home!" 
It's all good and I plan to blog on adoptive parenting and raising boys over the coming months, so stay tuned!


Kristi Mikle said...

I am incredibly grateful for you, and all you do! I am especially glad that part of your heart was in Hong Kong, because you know part of mine is there too.

Kelly said...

Congratulations our on your two new sons! My husband and I are adopting a 9 year old girl from Cooper's SWI in Changsha. Anxious to see your interviews with the children from there!

Kelly said...

Congratulations on your two new sons! Can't wait to see your interviews with the children from Changsha! My husband and I are adopting a 9 year old girl from the same SWI as Cooper.