Thursday, March 14, 2013

Changsha Orphanage Visit

Today was quite a day!

We went to the Civil Affairs office first to get
Cooper's official adoption certificate.
It was short and sweet, a little less formal than the one for Connor in Chongqing.
Afterwards, we were taken to the Orphanage where Cooper has lived.
It is on the 13th floor of a large highrise building.

We arrived upstairs where we saw a reception area

The staff had asked if I was willing to interview some children and try to find families for them
Of course, I was happy to agree.

I will work on a blog post for these children soon, but in the meantime, here are a few snapshots. Get ready, these kids were CUTE!

After about an hour of interviewing and videotaping the children on their list, we saw Cooper's room.
Then once we were ready to leave, we were told that we were being invited to a special luncheon by the Director of the Changsha Civil Affairs Bureau.  He had called ahead to ensure that he was able to meet Cooper's family.
You see, our little rock star?  Apparently, quite a favorite in Changsha.  You should have seen the way everyone scurried about as soon as the Director's chauffered towncar came on the grounds.
We joined them for lunch and half expected a TV crew to come barreling in!
He presented Cooper with a special gift that was purchased by his wife, specifically for Cooper.
It was an officially certified jade necklace with his birth animal (sheep) engraved on it.
Not sure I am ever going to get it off his body!
Next, and much to my surprise, the Director presented a gift to me.
Apparently, it is from a famous and very old kiln in Changsha. 
It was very nice and thoughtful.
Then there was the feast...
This was just the starting line up...
The poor ladies in the kitchen were hoppin', let me tell ya! They worked so hard and the food was so good that I ran back there on the way out to say thank you!
We sat for well over an hour while folks around the table were talking and toasting, toasting and eating, and toasting some more.  I mean it was a sight to behold!
Once all the fanfare was finally over, we walked out and loaded up the van.  As we were driving away, the Director of the Orphanage was crying.  She looked so very sad to see him leave!
It was heartbreaking.
He is a wonderfully sweet little child, especially for one so very pampered.  Time will tell what sort of challenges we will face, but today was a special day for him and I am grateful that he was loved so much.  The Chinese culture approaches "parenting" in a very different way than most Americans, but in their way, they were showering him with affection. 
I pray that each of our sons will feel just as loved and treasured by us as Cooper did today.
Thanks to all the people who have been faithfully praying for our family during this time. 
It is making a difference and we are most appreciative!


kimjax said...

Wow! What an adventure you're having, Angie!!

Mom Of Many said...

So thankful you are posting to your blog. What favor you were given at the orphanage visit. Yippee Jesus!! May Almighty God provide a family for each one you are allowed to advocate for!! Praying already for that! Prayers continued from Phoenix. xo

Caffysoo said...

Both my daughters are from Changsha #1 SWI and it was so good for us to watch your video and read about your new son's adoption! Thank you for blogging it all! And, thank you for advocating for those waiting children at "our" orphanage....can't wait to read about each in your future blogs. Following you and praying for you all daily! You are an inspiration!
Cathy Sue and girls in Kentucky

Joanna B said...

It's so fun to read this! Our son is in Changsha, and we are hoping to bring him home next month!