Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Halleluia Chorus! Guangzhou at last!

We are so very grateful to be in our last city for this trip.
Guangzhou, China is the city where all American adoptive families process their child's US Visa and get permission to leave the country with their newly adopted child.
By comparison to most provinces and cities, Guangzhou is much more "comfortable". 
By comparison to our most recent province experience, it is..well- heavenly!
I could have sworn that as I walked into the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou
I heard someone singing the
Halleluia Chorus!
All the adoptive families who have been on this journey before know exactly what I mean.
It's a much more "western-friendly" city and cleaner and quieter than any province I've been in yet.
The staff is amazing and our in country Lifeline team is just outstanding!
The boys continue to do well together and are getting along very well. 
Here they are "representing" in the lobby:
For those who haven't been to the Garden before and may be traveling soon, it will not disappoint.
The rooms are well appointed
 (except there are no drawers???)
 and very clean.
We have what they call a "small suite" with one bedroom (2 twin beds) and a separate living room/work station.  It is quite nice and plenty of room for an extra cot which we have.
It is also so nice to be here with such nice families, including our great friends from down the street.
Today, we went to the new Medical building in GZ and the boys had their check ups for the US Visa.
They have changed the TB test procedures since our last visit and now all the children must have blood drawn.  What makes that worse for most parents is that they are not allowed in the room, so their kiddos are being stuck and they can't hold their hands.  I saw many a toddler come out of there screaming today.
My boys did ok, but certainly weren't thrilled.
It was so crowded and crazy in there that I really didn't take too many pictures.
Connor was the only child that had to get vaccinations because he is over 10.  Cooper made the cut by just a couple months, so other than the TB blood draw, he was left alone, but Connor had 3 shots and one oral vaccine to take.
Right before bed tonight he was rubbing his left arm and telling me that it hurt (with charades, of course, he doesn't have the words yet.) I am sure his arm will be sore for a day or two.  They were not particularly gentle in the administration of these shots.
This is how my boys passed the time while we waited...
Gotta love electronic babysitters on a trip like this!
Tomorrow, it is off to church and then our first day to wander and shop in the afternoon.  I am looking forward to hanging out a bit with the gang of families here this week.
Hoping to blog more this week, but keeping up with three boys everywhere we go has really worn me out! 
Please keep praying for safety, health and bonding!


Rebecca said...

I just found you on Sonia's blog... We too are a Lifeline family. We brought home our 2 girls (ages 14 & 5) in December. They're doing great! Please say hi to Miko and Rebecca from the McKee family and tell Rebecca that her little Qiu Ling is doing great:) your family is beautiful! Congratulations! Seeing your pictures and reading your comments makes me so nostalgic. That breakfast buffet at the Garden was so amazing!

Sherri said...

This is so perfect for us, Angie! Zeke came home exactly one year ago...we LOVE looking at your pictures together! He knows you are the lady who helped Mama get him home fast :) Hope your transition to home goes wonderfully, knowing God will smooth the rough places for you.