Monday, June 6, 2011

Birth Certificate Received!

Hallelujah!! We finally received the CORRECT version of Tom's Rhode Island Birth Certificate.  After tracking the shipment from UPS, I found out that it wasn't even picked up from RI State office until last Friday. For those of you counting, yes, that means that after paying all that extra money for expediting, it sat in their office for an entire week before it was mailed.  Definitely one of those deep breath, trust that God is in control moments where what you really want to do is yell at a bureaucrat!  

I opened it long enough to make a copy and shove it back into an overnight envelope that will head to WA state tonight.  Then, just as quickly, it will pop back into another overnight envelope with our final dossier docs and head to the consulate in Washington DC for final seals.

Once this step is completed, we are ready for DTC! (Dossier to China).  This is a huge milestone for the adoption process.  Thank you for your prayers.  Keep them coming.

The Rylands

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