Saturday, June 4, 2011

I800A Processed

So today we received the notice from USCIS that they received our I800A application and that it is being processed. I will scan that and email to our case worker on Monday so that she can notify her contact at the MO office that it is on its way.  This will help expedite that step. We are still waiting on the replacement birth certificate from RI.  It was processed last Friday, but for some reason, UPS has not delivered it yet. We need that immediately, so please pray that it will arrive soon. Once it does, I will overnight it to WA and they will overnight it, along with a few other documents to the consulate in Washington DC for the "great seal".  This is the last step for document authentication.  As soon as we are allowed to get fingerprinted by USCIS, we will be ready to submit our dossier to China.

I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you who have been following this blog and lifting our family in prayer.  It is so encouraging to us knowing that our brothers and sisters are taking the time to intercede for us in this way.  Your prayers are being heard!

So far, we have made $400 toward our goal selling donated items on Craigslist.  All that, and the sale day isn't even here yet!  Each day we have accepted more donations and I am confident that we will meet our goal and be able to pay for at least one plane ticket with these funds.  That will be a tremendous burden off our shoulders.  Our church friends, family, neighbors and even total strangers have been so generous in donating items for this sale.  It will be HUGE and one that you locals will not want to miss.  I am pricing things very low and praying that volume will take care of our needs rather than trying to price things higher.

Stepping out in faith...
The Rylands

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