Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tommy at CAMP!

So, my sweet boy is having so much fun at camp (Summer Institute for the Gifted-- ok, so it's really school, but feels like camp!) that he doesn't even miss his mama! (Boo..) Well, actually, for Tommy this is huge progress, so while I am mildly sad that we have hit this phase, it is also a really good thing.  Each day I speak to him he is so excited to tell me all the cool things they are doing in school.  Tom is meeting some neat parents and getting a chance to talk with others who are parenting children like Tommy and I think it is really encouraging for him.  He is in Sarasota, FL at the Out of Door Academy campus.  He is taking classes on storytelling, patterns of the world, strategy games and recreation!  He reports that he loves all his new classmates and has so much fun each day!

He better not get used to having his own laptop! :-)

Sandy Elliott, Head of School

They have rec period the last 90 minutes of each day.

Hangin' with his pals!

LOVES his popsicles.
Only 1 1/2 more weeks until my guys come home.  Can't wait to get my morning hugs again!  (I do have to admit that my kitchen has never been cleaner!) Special thanks to my gal pals who have been keeping me fed in their absence. (For those who don't know me well.... Tom is the chief chef in our home and I am perfectly happy to eat cereal 3 meals a day.  Ok, not perfectly happy, but willing...

I am praying that the Lord would provide enough money for us to take Tommy with us to China.  I so want him to be with us when we meet his "big brother" and to experience the trip of a lifetime.  Time will tell. We hope to travel by mid-August, sooner if I get my way.... Looking for our dossier to arrive in China tomorrow or Friday.  Will let everyone know as soon as we have a logged in date.


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