Wednesday, June 29, 2011

He knows we are coming!!

I received an email awhile back from someone on a yahoo advocacy group who recommended that I email her guide from Shenyang and see if she could get an update from the orphanage.  I sent that email back on June 16th. I had not heard anything for some time and tonight I got a response!!!

She was able to contact the Director of the Shenyang orphanage and get a response to all our questions. She indicated that he knows we are coming for him and that he is excited.  The staff describes him as kind, honest and warm-hearted.   When asked if he had ever given them difficulties, the response was "He is a very good child, always easy to communicate and willing to help others. The staff including teachers and nannies all like him a lot."

While he is taking English in a public school near the orphanage, his scores are pretty poor.  She says that he loves reading and music.  I am thrilled to know that he finally knows we are on our way. I have asked if they will allow us to skype with him, so say a prayer!  We should be, Lord willing, about 6 weeks away from travel.  Just had to share.  It is exactly the lifeline that I needed right now.  God is good!


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