Friday, June 10, 2011

Updated Photos!

So this afternoon while I was assisting the troops with the massive wagon train across town moving all the donations for our yard sale tomorrow, I received an update from the adoption agency with new medical translations, and updated pictures. I swear it looks like he's grown a foot since February!  Come buy up all these great deal. I will have three boys to feed soon!! lol
In the middle

Perhaps a picture of his housemates?

I wonder if he plays?


Annie said...

So great Angie!!!! He is so handsome! I wanted to let you know that I asked my beautiful friend Adeye over at No Greater Joy Mom to add you to her fundraising families post!! She is such a wonderful Christian woman, working for the Lord!!! She has a huge following!! If you have any other fundraisers coming up on your blog, you might want to go ahead and post about them now!!! Good luck today!

The Rylands Family said...

Thanks Annie! We are so tired today, but the yard sale went great! So many people worked tirelessly for our family and it was a huge success. More later.

Sharon said...

Angie, he is soooo handsome! I am so glad you got these updated photos. Glad to hear your yard sale was a success! We are gearing up for ours too!

The Rylands Family said...

Good luck Sharon! Can't wait to see you with your sweet boy!