Monday, January 16, 2012

An Artist in our midst- Who Knew?

So this morning Tom and I slept in. 
That's right. We did. 
Yes, there were children awake and yes, there was breakfast to prepare and yes, alright, we should. have. been. up. 

But we slept in none the less.

So, once we finally dragged out sorry selves out of bed around 8:05 a.m., I saw Cameron in his room drawing. 
He had taken a page from a coloring book that my mother gave him in his Christmas stocking and was drawing the image. Free Hand. Just looking at this picture of a pirate and drawing it in his sketchbook.

Here is the original picture...

Now, all "new mama" biases aside, is it just me, or does this kid have MAD SKILLS?

Now, had I not seen him doing this with my own two eyes, I would have thought he had traced it somehow, but there he was...
looking at the page and sketching it out.

To my very untrained eye, that was impressive! Impressive for a trained adult in my opinion, but most especially impressive coming from an untrained 10 year old~

Even my Aunt Anita, who is a real artist, saw this and said he should be enrolled in a special school. Well, while I was glad to know that someone with actual talent thought it was good, I doubt that a private school is in our immediate future. But, if we have learned nothing this year, we have learned better than to say Never to our God!  How fun it will be to see how He chooses to use this newest Rylands boy!

I find it funny though. God grants special gifts to each child. We all have some special abilities or areas in which we are especially passionate. 
Looking at our three children, I wonder....
God has gifted our youngest with unusual intellectual prowess. He has always seemed like a very "old soul", mostly because he has such an advanced vocabulary for his age. Ok. His Dad is very intelligent so I can see God placing him in our clan. (Not that there haven't been days we wondered what in the world God was thinking????)

Now with Colin, besides being a gentle and protective big brother, it became immediately apparent that he had a gift for numbers. 

He is clearly good at Math beyond his years and so obviously loves it. His whole demeanor changes when we switch to Math. Again, Tom has taught (and LOVES) Algebra for over 30 years. So, once again, our child's giftedness was covered. What a great match for God to place him into a family with another "Math Geek".

That brings us to Cameron. Besides the ability to light up a room with his amazing smile, we now learn that he is a crazy talented artist.  And therein lies the mystery..... I am neither charismatic (again, Tom has that covered!) nor artistically talented. (at least not in that medium).  
No one in this house is equipped to foster that particular gift.
One of these kids better decide to learn something that I am good at!
 Just sayin'!


Jenn Hester said...

You're good at loving others - if they're half as good at it as you are, then you're a blessed momma!! He does have crazy mad skillz!! I quite honestly couldn't trace that well ;)

Joy said...

WOW! That's amazing!

Lisa said...

Ummm, yeah, he's good. I was shocked!! How neat to discover the gifts in your boys!!

Joy said...

Adding... his art looks like the storyboards you see in the extras of animated films like Toy Story and Cars. :-)

kimjax said...

Very cool, Angie! Isn't it fun to see the their gifts and talents unfold - it's like opening a treasure box and finding new gems each day. He definitely has talent! :)

Brooke said...

That gave me a good laugh! He certainly is a talented artist- that is awesome!!