Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Normal Life moments

Well, I am not sure if anything about our life can be considered "normal", but today was the first day since we've been home with Cameron that seemed relatively normal.

Today we started back to "school".  Tommy had his homeschool co-op classes and the older boys stayed home with Mom and Dad.

I got them started- Colin on Rosetta Stone and Cameron on Math.

It was interesting to me that Colin was so 'interested' in what Cameron was doing. For example, when he saw the easy Math lessons that I was preparing for Cameron, he was almost insulted on Cameron's behalf. He immediately began to argue with me that Cameron had his own Math book from China and that he shouldn't be doing that "easy stuff".

It became clear that I was going to have to get Colin busy with something else to avoid the constant interference.
(Well meaning though it was).

I did take a look at Cameron's math book, but decided that I wanted to take a progressive approach to determine his learning level. So, I typed into the translator for Cameron that I was intentionally going to give him some really easy Math at first and gradually give him more challenging problems. Unlike his protective big brother, HE seemed fine with that plan. LOL

So, we started with double digit addition and moved on to subtraction. Tomorrow we will assess his comfort/skill level with multiplication and division.  He was in third grade in China so we know approximately where to start and what to expect.  

After Math we moved on to Phonics. Apparently Cameron had some familiarity with the alphabet, but no real individual letter recognition.  We started with names and sounds and reviewed that a bit.  He seems to be very willing to learn. He is as sweet (so far) as he looks and smiles even more than I can actually capture with a camera.  

When it was time to leave and pick up Tommy, (and have coffee with a wonderful friend!), Tom took over the learning and then it was nap time!
This was the scene when I arrived home. How could I not grab the camera?  My sweet new boy snuggled up with Dad on the couch taking a much deserved nap.

Then, later in the evening as Tom prepared dinner, Colin jumped in to saute' the onions. He is such a great kid!
Yes, I caught him off guard, and yes, he immediately yelled, "Mama!" 
 (You'd think he'd be used to it by now...)

So, we just finished a wonderful meal prepared by the two oldest men in the family. Ok, you may say it...I AM spoiled!

All in all, a wonderful day and great way to start off the New Year!


Olivia said...

I love it! Your entire lives have been completely transformed in an incredible way. Kudos for teaching math! Im impressed!

Anonymous said...

You have three wonderful boys. We are so thrilled for you and the whole family. Carmen from Hong Kong

The Rylands Family said...

Thanks Ladies! Carmen, great to hear from you. I can't tell you how happy we are to be home with all three of these treasures! Angie

carissa at lowercase letters said...

this is so sweet. you are such a blessed family! it's very interesting to me to hear about the language transition. my sister-in-law has adopted two babies (one from china, one from ethiopia) and is in the process of adopting a 7 year old from Haiti. can't wait to hear about it more!

Justine said...

An inspiration! Yours has become one of my favorite blogs! I hope to do this someday when my littles are big (right now I am in process for a 2 year old with Down syndrome so it will be a while.)

The Rylands Family said...

Ah, thanks Justine! What a kind thing to say. I am thrilled that my ramblings bring joy and encouragement to others. I can't wait to hear that your little one is home with you! Angie

kimjax said...

Love those boys, Angie!

Lyla said...

I don't know you, but I've been following your blog since around the time you were in China getting Colin. I have wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with adoption! I so look forward to your posts! I also wanted to tell you that Colin seems like such a sweet, sweet boy in the pictures you post! He seems to be so warm and affectionate and protective. I know I may be reading into things, but I just felt like he seems to be this way. In any case, I am so happy for you and your beautiful family of boys:)! You inspire me!

The Rylands Family said...


Thank you for your kind remarks and WELCOME! I love hearing from folks who are following our family, especially knowing that so many of them are also lifting us in prayer to the Father. You are pretty right on about Colin. He has a sweet, protective nature that is so inspirational. He is also a typical 14 year old who is impatient at times (esp. with Tommy who is 7 and a real "pest"). Overall I am incredibly blessed with the additions to our family and the way each boy has transitioned so far.