Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Cameron!

As if there wasn't enough to celebrate and appreciate this season, our newest son celebrates a birthday today!

The morning began with a family pileup in our bed and a rendition of
"Happy Birthday" 
to Cameron.

He looked surprised that we were singing to him. Colin thinks that he didn't even know today was his birthday.

Kind of sad when you think about it. (At least by American standards)  I don't think that it is very common to celebrate birthdays in China.  At least not to the degree that we Americans do.  

So, today was his birthday, his first American New Year's Day, and his first church service. That is a lot to take in all at once. But, we had a really nice day.

Yes, I DID dress them all alike.
I am THAT mom...

Dad cooked a nice breakfast for us all and we headed off for church.

As we expected, we were greeted with many wonderful smiles and lots of hugs. This was my first time at church in a month!

I even had the chance to see our friend Dana who spent the day with Colin and me in Beijing. She is back in the states for awhile and was at church this morning.  It will be so nice when her husband comes to join her so we can enjoy some more time with this sweet couple again soon.

After we came home from a wonderful lunch with some friends, we presented Cameron with his birthday gift.

Cameron and his brand new bike

I think he likes it! What do you think?
 It was clear that Cameron had not ridden a bike before.
Of course, Colin jumped right in and helped him get his balance.

Check him out...

Of course, a little competition goes a long way.  Before today, we couldn't get Tommy on his bike because he had to work too hard. He liked his scooter better.  All of a sudden, he goes from scooter, to bike with training wheels, to pro biker all in one day!

As soon as he saw how well Cameron was learning, he suddenly announced that he would like to take his training wheels off!

I had to force the boys back inside after a couple of hours of fun with their bikes.

After dinner, we had a great dinner and enjoyed Cameron's first American birthday cake. 
**Warning, we have a VERY sensitive smoke alarm! LOL**


All in all, a wonderful, quiet celebration (except for the smoke alarm!) at home with the family.


kimjax said...

Love it, Angie. Now come over and teach Katie!!

Lisa said...

Ha, ha...that was hilarious, and so sweet. My whole family gathered around the computer to watch the videos. Love the fire can't plan that stuff, right?!! I can't believe how he took off on that bike! What a trooper. Happy Birthday Cameron!

Annie said...

Oh Angie!!!!!! I love this!! Cameron is one cool kid and I just adored meeting him the other day!!!! I emailed Marci at ASIA to let her know that I had met him and about how incredibly well he was doing! She was THRILLED and immediately sent my email to the rest of her staff! You all have just been so faithful dear friend and look at how the Lord has rewarded you!!!! WOW!

Brooke said...

Happy belated birthday to Cameron!! Where did you get that cool candle??
I LOVE you boys- Cameron is absolutley beautiful and when they stand side by side I just can't believe they have his age right- he isn't much taller than Tommy and is so much smaller than Colin! And Colin- he is so unbelievably helpful and sweet- love that dear boy- what a great dad he will be some day! Loved Tommy's desire to want to do everything like his big brother too. You are such an awesome family and I am blessed to know you and follow along.

Kjbikakis said...

Great job on riding your bike Cameron!! (:
Happy birthday buddy~ It looks like you had lots and lots of fun! <33
That was such a cut candle to! Did it come from China??
Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Cameron and that all your wishes came true! :D
Birthday wishes from Nebraska!
God Bless~
-Kirstie J Bikakis

Vicky said...

I loved the video's I hope Gavin will take up bike riding once the girls get here! Happy Birthday to Cameron!

Matt and Maria said...

Congratulations to you all! I've been reading and praying for you all. Question: Where did you get the flower thing that is on his cake- there is a picture of one like that on my son's cake in China.... it is cool!


The Rylands Family said...

That candle was bought in China. It plays Happy Birthday when it opens and this one didn't even work properly. They are super cool. If you look at our blog in the August posts when we celebrated Colin's birthday (in China) you will see one work well. They were super cheap there. I wish I had bought more when we went back and didn't.