Friday, January 13, 2012


These three boys, who we have affectionately called the "Three Amigos"are running out of time for their families to find them.

I have seen "Dusty's" file and he is quite a handsome, healthy, and talented young man.  He wants to study computer programming which is very likely not an option for him if he remains in China as an orphan. He is a talented artist and musician. 

The required orphanage "donation" that is typically paid by adoptive parents have BEEN WAIVED!  

There are videos of him too! Just ask and I can get you in touch with someone who can share these with you.


Dusty now has a $4,300 grant from a generous donor with GWCA- you must use them for the agency to be able to use this grant.

Dusty ages out in April.

Dusty is 13 years old. He is a healthy older child. Dusty hopes he can go to college to become a computer programmer and design games. He does well in school and has learned some English. He never gets in trouble, and he studies hard. He is an excellent artist and can do traditional Chinese painting. He also loves to play guitar. Dusty is good friends with Lucky and Ned. They hope they all will be able to be adopted and remain close (posted next).


Ned is 13 years old and will age out in July of 2012

He is an older healthy child. Ned is described as very smart and places in the top 5 in his class when he works hard. He loves vegetables and dislikes sweet foods-not your typical teenage boy! He hopes to grow up and be a policeman to protect society. He very much wants to be adopted and hopes to know about his family’s interests and lifestyle so he can prepare before the adoption. He is friendly, hardworking and always tries to help other children. Ned is close friends with Lucky and Dusty. They hope they will all be able to be adopted and stay good friends.


Lucky is 13 years old and ages out in August.

He is a Hep B carrier. Lucky is noted to be a very friendly boy with an excellent temperament. He has learned English in school and loves to play basketball. He is extroverted and obedient. He hopes to be in the Special Forces when he grows up. He wants to be adopted and come to the U.S. He hopes his family will be warm and happy. Lucky is close friends with Ned and Dusty. They hope they will all three be able to be adopted and remain close.


Kelly the Overthinker said...

Oh, my heart breaks for these boys! I am praying their families step forward soon!

Vicky said...

Praying for families for these three boys. It would be awesome in they lived near each other.