Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

It seems like we haven't stopped since we got home late Tuesday evening. We enjoyed some sweet time of fellowship with other adoptive families on Thursday...
Of course, I was so busy chatting with everyone, my friend Kim was the only one who thought to take pictures! 
(still claiming jetlag!)

Colin, Cameron, Rachel & Katie
*The girls' new sister is waiting for them at Cameron's old orphanage.
The kids had a marvelous time playing together in the backyard and the parents had some nice time together to share and laugh.

On Saturday, we took the boys to the home of our dear friends, the Scarbroughs.  
(This is the family that is adopting Cameron's best friend from Wuhan).

Left: Kim & Julian Scarbrough with their daughter Carley
On Slide: Rachel Jackson
Up Top: Cameron, Tripp Scarbrough, Katie Jackson
Right: Kim Jackson & ME!

We took this special photo so that Mrs. Jackson could share this with
Trevor when she travels to Wuhan in a few weeks to get her new daughter, Jenny.
We want him to know that Cameron is well and waiting for him with his new family.

We had a fabulous time together eating way too much good stuff, burning Christmas trees, and enjoying the fireworks.

Who knew that a Christmas tree could burn like that?

Cameron had the best time with the fireworks and watching the fire. Both of my older boys roasted marshmallows for the first time.  I had a bit of a time getting Colin to understand he was supposed to EAT them. He liked to get them on fire, watch them burn and them watch them melt back into the fire.

Cameron especially liked to throw new sticks and leaves into the fire and watch them burn.  

Me, Amy and Kim w/ young Marta (Amy & Tom's daughter)

The last year has been such an amazing one for our family. Not only has God blessed us with two new sons and grown our family from 3-5, but in doing so, he has also blessed us with a group of friends who we adore!  

Kim S. & Teresa
 After a long evening of more fun than he could stand, THIS is what our youngest looked like at the end of the night....

Yes, that is black all over his face, marshmallow all over his shirt and pants and dirt EVERYWHERE. 
Thanks Ms. Kim!  
We had a BLAST!


kimjax said...

And thanks to your sons - I was cleaning leaf encrusted, squished and flattened marshmallows off my shoes last night, lol! Wearing my boots next year!!

Rebecca said...

Colin just has the nicest smile and looks like such a friendly boy!!! Congrats on your new boys - you have a beautiful family! What a great example you are for older child adoption! We are headed to China (hopefully) next month and really enjoyed keeping up with your blog! Thanks for your posts!