Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jesus & Ice Cream!

Our oldest, Colin-14, absolutely LOVES church on Wednesday nights. 

He and 100 or so of his "closest friends" meet at church for T4:12 (our Middle School ministry).

It is the highlight of his week and when they took several weeks off over the Holidays, I thought he would never quit asking me about "middle school". LOL

Of course, our Middle School Pastor, Danny Beech is amazing, 

and he really loves the Lord and these kids!  As you can imagine, he strives to make this a fun time for the kids as well as a time to learn about the Lord and deepen their relationship with Him.

Last night, Colin came home and was so excited to tell me about "middle school" that I just had to ask Danny for a picture.  See for yourself!

That's right. A handless Ice Cream eating contest. According to Colin, he came through the winner!

Now, as if that sign of pure testosterone wasn't enough to make a mama proud, what was even more impressive was that he was able to tell me about it when he got home--- without. a. translator!!!

Progress, people! Progress.


Jenni Hester said...

Go Colin!! That's awesome :)

Vicky said...

Love the progress!

Lisa said...

Angie, seeing these pics, and how Colin loves church reminds me of something I think about DAILY right now. Yes, I'm excited to bring my littles home...but also, I'm so excited to bring them to church!! I cannot wait for that day!!