Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Update on Colin

We have been anxiously awaiting word from our "secret weapon" in China about whether or not Colin received our letter and photo album.  Of course, we are referring to a lovely guide named Maggie who has generously offered to help us get info on our son and his orphanage (FOR FREE!!!)  We can tell she is very kind-hearted and cares for the children very much. She has communicated a couple of times with Ms. Tan, Director of the Shenyang CWI.  Several weeks ago, she offered to translate a letter for Colin from us and deliver it to the orphanage.  Hearing nothing back for some time, I emailed her the other night asking if she knew if he had received our letter.

This morning, she replied that Ms. Tan finally responded.  Apparently, on of the "Uncles" (all the adults working with the children are referred to as "Uncle & Auntie") took Colin on a vacation for a few days/weeks ??, and he had not received either his letter or the photo album. However, she indicated that he would return in 2-3 days and that she planned to give both to him at that time.  She said that the photo album arrived yesterday.

It is such a relief to know that it was delivered and that he will soon know what we look like and be able to read our letter of introduction.  I wonder if our recent delays in process are designed to allow him the time he needs to send a response before we travel.  I would be so thrilled to get a letter from him!

We continue to trust God for each step as He has graciously provided encouragement as of late that He is still very much in control of this unwieldy thing called "international adoption".

I feel like it has been awhile since we had posted an update about something other than fundraising (lol) but there really hasn't been anything of substance to report. Lots of waiting on others at this stage.

We do now know that our I800 provisional approval was cabled to China yesterday and we are waiting for written confirmation of that to be sent today. (Hopefully).  Then, we can shoot a copy of that letter to the WACAP representative in China who will deliver it and all our other paperwork to the appropriate agency and await the Article 5.  This is the last piece of the puzzle before TRAVEL APPROVAL!

SOOOOOOOO Close!  Angie

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amyblaubach said...

Hello, I do hope you don't mind me contacting you. We brought our son home 1 year ago (Sept. 4th 2010) from Shenyang CWI. His was 6 at the time of adoption. His name was An Shen Qin, now Shen Qin Joseph Blaubach. Now that he is home and has learne dmuch english he has been sharing stories of his orphanage. His does miss his Chinese 'Mom", Ms. Tan. We did send her a letter and photos of him but did not hear back. Can you share with me more about the conditions in the orphanage? My direct email is our blog is Congratulations on your beautiful family. Prayers are with you during this aweosme journey and adjustment to extending family.