Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up, Up & Away!

Well, the big day is finally here.  We are packed and ready to go. Now, tick, tick, tick...  only one problem. Our flight doesn't leave for an eternity a few hours!

Los Angeles, here we come!

While we are really excited to be leaving today, there is a sweet peace that fills the house this morning.  The lists are checked, last load of laundry is drying, the house is cleaned, the neighbors are all set to watch the house while we're gone, the grass is cut and trimmed, the cars are washed and gassed up for our return, the dining room is back to normal (teehee- for those who know about the "store") and our ride (thanks Kim!) is arranged.

Tomorrow, we leave around 12:30 PST for China! We will endure enjoy a 14 hour flight to Shanghai and then stretch our legs for 4 hours.  We will then have a relatively short flight to Shenyang (2.5 hours).  Arrival time?  11:30 PM Saturday night (local time).

Sunday we will recover and Monday morning, we will meet our new son!

We cannot express our thanks to the countless people who have lifted our family in prayer and who have supported us over the past 4 months.  Check in often. We will do our best to share the journey as we go!

Love, The Rylands

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kimjax said...

We miss you, Angie. I'm over the trauma of moving my first kiddo's off to college, so now I can obsess over when you'll get your son!! :D I hope your trip is safe and comfortable and God blesses your first meeting with Colin. Love, Kim