Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting Day Two

Today is a big day for the Rylands Family!  Today we will meet our guide and head back to Civil Affairs to finalize our adoption.  The boys have been so good together.  We have communicated the best we can with Google Translator on the computer, but it became very clear that poor Colin needs to be able to communicate back to us with more than yes or no answers. So, we are hoping to get the guide to take us to an electronics store today to get a hand held electronic tralslator that will translate both ways. 

We made it through our first night together. Colin slept well it seems although the whole family was up by 5 AM. I'm sure we will eventually settle into the new time zone just in time to travel home.  He has never been on a plane before so we will need to prepare him for that experience since we will fly to Guangzhou on Friday. 

I took the sweetest video of the two boys rough housing and laughing last night, but I cannot get it to upload to Youtube for some reason.  In the meantime, here is a sweet photo we took of them this morning. 

Tuesday morning- Adoption Day!


Annie said...

Oh Angie, what a sweet pic!!! I think that translater will help tremendously!!

kimjax said...

Thanks for another pic, Angie!! So sweet! He looks like a nice kiddo! Hoping you find some fun things to do in town today. Blessings, Kim

Chelsea Gour said...

Sweetest picture ever! Can't wait to see what happens once you have a translator and everyone can understand each other. Praying the transition continues to go so well!

GaelN said...

I'm just so happy for Colin and your family. I have to check in first thing every morning :). Colin can help pick out his electronic translator. They make some really cool ones. Sounds like a great 14th birthday present to me!!!!! Praying for your family.

Carmi said...

That sweet picture just made me tear up. I am SO happy for you all! A translator will be so helpful. When we traveled for Zane it was extremely helpful and he used it at school when we got back to the states.