Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Safari Park Foiled!

Fooey!  We went to breakfast before meeting the driver for today's trip out to the Safari Park and it began to rain!  and rain, and rain....

We ran up to the room to check the radar and realized that it was going to likely keep raining all day-- no, all week!  Yuck.  So, with no collection of umbrellas to use for cover, we quickly decided that today was not going to be worth the money for the zoo animals who would likely want cover of their own.

So, I was elected to go downstairs and tell the guide that we would not be going to see the zoo.  She suggested an alternative.  This evening, there is a showing of the Chang Long International Circus (in the same vicinity of the zoo).  Another adoptive mom had emailed us about this and the online reviews were glowing.  (Thanks Kym!)

So, I think we are going to go with Plan B (the indoor alternative) and this evening, venture out for the trip to the Circus instead.  I hear it is on par with the best Las Vegas shows and that it is worth every penny.  I will offer my own critique for you later so that those of you are headed to China later this year can possibly add this to your own itineraries while in Guangzhou.


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