Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day One in Guanghou- Medical Day

What a delightful rest we got last night. Despite the fact that we went to bed much later than normal after our 4 hour flight, we slept in very nice beds and awoke much more rested.  Thanks to my Brother-in-Law, we were able to get a very good rate for the Westin Hotel in Guangzhou, so we are being pampered.  It does mean that we are about 15 minutes away from The Garden Hotel where the other WACAP families are staying, but SO WORTH IT!  McDonald's is right across the street and IKEA is down a block or two. 
Most importantly, THIS HOTEL HAS A POOL!  I have two very happy boys!  We will take them down before dinner for their first swim. 
Below is the incredible view from our 33rd floor window.  The stadium is really nice and I bet there have been many a person who booked these rooms to watch concerts down there!  The second picture is out the window to the left. There are gardens on top of the buildings and this morning at 6:15, we saw someone doing their morning stretching exercises out on the rooftop patio. 

Today's agenda?  Visa Photos and Medical Exams.  We were picked up by the guide's driver at 9AM and taken over the The Garden Hotel to get the other family (Dad and his new daughter-- #6 for them (fourth adoption).  Then, we all went over to Shamian Island together and got visa photos taken.  Then, we went to the...

Upon entering, we were taken back to a waiting room, but weren't there long before Colin was taken to his first station.  The Doctor listened to his heart and then I stepped out while he completed his exam.  No majot areas of concern.  After that, he was checked out by the ENT doctor.  Because of his age, he also recieved a vision screening and had his blood pressure checked.  Then, weight, height, and temperature. Everything looked good.  He was given a TB test and we will go back on Monday to have that read.  This is the one thing that could keep him from being able to leave the country, so we need to pray for a negative result.

ENT check

Vision screening

Height & Weight
TB test- his eyes got really big when he saw his skin bubble up. LOL

Vaccinations 1&2 in left arm....


Vaccinations 3&4 in right arm. Ouch.  No one told him he would be a pin cushion today!

Colin with our Guide, Elsie finishing up some paperwork.

You think Tommy is over all this? :-)
After we left the Medical Center, we walked over to the park area via the boulevard and had lunch at Lucy's.  It ahs a very American menu and was a welcome break from the exotic.  We even got a canned Coke Zero!  We've had so much bottled water that I thought we would float away!
Shamian Island is a pretty place to walk around.  Lots of pretty landscaping and sculptures.  They even had workout machines built into the boulevard area like palyground equipment.  It was pretty interesting.

Tommy playing hopscotch with the only friends that don't talk back! LOL

After lunch, the guide took us back to our respective hotels and we were on our own for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow, we go sight seeing with two other families.  Our itinerary indicates that we will see Yat-sun Memorial Hall and Six Banyan Temple. (Whatever they are!) :-)

This afternoon we took a short walk (2 blocks) to IKEA.  We laughed that we left America, flew to China, so we could shop at a Swedish store! LOL  We had an IKEA when we lived in Minnesota, but the closest one to Charleston now is Atlanta.  Plus, we were able to treat the while family to ice-cream cones and a drink for about $1 USD. TOTAL! NICE!  I see more afternoon snacks in our future there.

By this time, we knew we had to hit the pool or face mutiny, so... down we went.  Colin surprised me in that he was perfectly comfortable with holding his breath under water and he took right to the goggles, but he looked like a frog!  He had no idea how to move in the water.  He will be a great candidate for some Thoma Schooling "Pool School".  Polish up your Chinese, Thoma!

Thanks for your continued prayers friends.



kimjax said...

Looks like a peaceful day, Angie. Awesome view and neat area for your hotel!! It would be cool to be close to such a park area! I'm so glad the Medical appointment is behind you! Have fun tomorrow and can't wait till you get home.

Sharon said...

Whew.....isn't it lovely to arrive in GZ?? :)

If you are coming back through Shanghai please stop by the orphanage and pick up a little boy with the cutest chubby baby cheeks. Just tell them his mama needs him to come home. :) I'm sure they will scurry right down to the room he stays in and bring him right to you. ;) I WISH!!!

You will be home before you know it!

rae'smom said...

Sounds like a great day in Guangzhou. I'll have to remember that hotel. Sounds very nice!

Praying for a wonderful week for you guys!

Carmi said...

Hey Angie, there is actually an IKEA in Charlotte now.