Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Article 5 Issued

We heard this week that the Article 5 (don't ask) was issued on Monday.  We expect that our consulate appointment will be scheduled any day now.  At this point, we feel good that we will have that secured before we leave for China next Thursday.  That will be the final step in this forever long process!  (Ok, I KNOW that this has not been a LONG process, but rather, a very SHORT one by most standards) BUT, forgive me if it FEELS long somedays. :-)

Everything is coming together. Even today, a former neighbor came by (unannounced) and dropped off her family's $10 challenge check.  They gave $10 for each member of their family. What a neat idea.  Just another example, in a very long line of recent examples, of how God is providing for the financial burden of this adoption to which He has called us.  That donation pushed our thermometer over another big milestone. The $20,000 mark!  Praise the Lord!  We have one week to go and only need another $2820!  How far we have come since June.  Can you believe that the "What can God do with $10?" campaign was only kicked off mid-July?  We have been so blessed by each and every gift.  You have all been a part of what will be a tremendous testimony to our son of how much God loves him and has cared for him.

The Rylands

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kimjax said...

I'm so happy for you, Angie!! I can't wait till it's Colin pics instead of paperwork posts! We'll be praying while you travel for the big changes this boy will be facing. :)