Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quiet Day & Consulate Appointment

Sorry that I did not post last night, but there was not much to share from yesterday.  We had a quiet day alone on Tuesday, only seeing our guide for about 30 minutes as she took us around the block to our hotel and helped us order dinner.  It was a very nice and affordable noodle restaurant.  After that, we walked up the block to McDonalds and treated the kids to some icecream.  The evening ended with movies in the room and some much needed sleep.

This morning, we met Elsie at 8:15 and walked one block over to the US Consulate for our Visa appointment.  It was nice to see some of the families that we had met while at the Medical Center earlier in the week that were there also.  We all stood together and recited an oath (in English, of course) so Colin was very confused.  We couldn't even explain to him what we were doing because we had to leave our translator and camera/cell phones with Security before coming in.

Once this was over, we waited for our names to be called and we quickly completed the paperwork.  All the other families left earlier than we did because their children were younger.  Colin, due to his age, required fingerprinting, so we had that one last step to complete.  All in all, an easy visit and now we are back in our rooms for a quiet day. 

Tomorrow's plan?  The Safari Park!  We meet the driver at 9AM and go enjoy the day with the animals.  It should be a nice time.  Friday will be packing and early bedtime as we leave around 5am on Saturday morning to head to the airport. 

Getting one step closer to home...

The Rylands


kimjax said...

Angie, I got "welcome home" printed in Chinese for the poster at the airport!! :D My friends said you could bring him to chat when you need to. :) Have fun tomorrow, love the Safari Park!

Jenni Hester said...

wow, girl! I'm excited for you to get to enjoy the sites of Colin's home country before you head back!