Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready? Set? When can we GO already?

Those who know me well will not be surprised to know that Colin's bedroom (formally, our guest room) has been a staging area for, oh, two months or so now... :-)

It is  A MESS packing central!  Lists, bags, clothes....  While Tom is still slow to recognize that perhaps it is actually time to start thinking of packing a few things, he DID get all the laundry done on Friday--- ON HIS OWN!  (Thanks honey!)

So, we are starting to pull together some of the essentials----------

Colin's bag and backpack.  Including his first American Flag TShirt!

Also no surprise to anyone that really knows me, we would not take a trip this long without some educational reading materials!  I figure The Swiss Family Robinson should make for a good long read while on our 15 hour flight!  Tom is such a great orator and loves to read the "classics" to Tommy.

Good ol' Quaker oatmeal will accompany us along with as many other travel foods as we can manage to fit into the luggage.  I think we can run some bottled water through the coffee pot in our room and whip up instant breakfast! :-)

And of course, by popular demand.....  a trip to China would not be complete without LOTS and LOTS of Pepto!
Next week?  Haircuts, paperwork, more laundry, cleaning house, labeling (Chinese/English) the rooms.......  Stay tuned!

The Rylands

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kimjax said...

Angie! You'd better get that room ready!! :)) You'll have lots to eat for breakfast - don't worry. Bring any comfort food/clothes you feel like you'll want when away from home. I brought my cotton sweatpants for the hotel and WARM slippers for the flight. :)