Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Angry Birds Toss

We went out this afternoon for a walk behind the hotel and found a lovely Riverside Park with lots of carved stone.

We had a little fun along the path as well...

Colin mounting his Angry Birds on the ledge

We couldn't leave them out of the picture!

This is our mountain climber

Brothers & Birds!

Now I have three VERY TICKLISH boys in the house!

Do we have the same smile?

Colin is still the family comic!
Really nothing else to say about this one!

He climbed on everything he could!

When in Wuhan.....

Cameron enjoyed inspecting each carving on the larger stones

More sculptures....
 Once we finished walking down the beautiful, tree-covered trail, we emerged into a nice courtyard with many statues.
No idea what this is, but there were two of them- one on each end of the courtyard.

On the way back to the hotel, the boys (ok, Colin) begged me to allow them to go down to the waterside.  Here are a few clips of them playing together on the sand.

Once I called the boys back up to head to the hotel, I filmed them climbing the ramp.  
If you look closely, you can see that Cameron's left foot is still noticeably turned in, but he sure doesn't let it slow him down!


Well, it is bedtime here in China and the boys are both snoring away quietly...

Thanking God for a wonderful day.


Shannon said...

I'm having so much fun following your blog:-) Thank you for updating so much!

Shannon said...

I'm having so much fun stalking your blog:-) Thank you for updating!

Julie said...

Wow Angela, I had no idea you were going back to China so soon! Congrats on your new beautiful son!!