Friday, December 23, 2011

Heading Home!

Tomorrow morning we leave the hotel at "0 Dark 30". (That's anytime before the sun, ya'll!)  In this case, it is 5:30 AM. 

We will head out to the Guangzhou airport where we will catch our first flight to Beijing and then we fly direct to Dulles (14 hours).

As soon as we land, Cameron will be a 
United States CITIZEN!  
Christmas Eve. What a season of memories and significance this will be for him.

As I think back on this trip I am aware of just how God has provided for us in each location.  He provided us with a fabulous guide in Beijing. 

Angela, from "ladybugs & love" was so kind and helpful. She really made each of her guests feel at home in a very foreign place. Colin even opened up to her more than I have seen him do with anyone to date (even Chinese people) which allowed me to get a rare glimpse into his past life in China. (will likely share more on that at another time) God also orchestrated an introduction to the daughter and son-in-law of some friends from church who "just happened" to be in Beijing the same exact dates that we were. They have lived in China for about a year and were such gracious "hosts" as they invited Colin and me to join them for a little shopping and site seeing.  It was wonderful to have some help navigating the city and enjoying some fellowship of other believers.

In Wuhan, we discovered that the son of a fellow adoptive mom "just happened" to be studying Chinese in that city this year. Seriously?  Wuhan?  He was so kind to us while we were in that city and met us for a couple of meals which gave me a connection point that I really needed. Our hotel was very poorly located for our purposes and we were pretty much stuck there with nowhere to go most days. He was so polite and it was refreshing to speak English in a place where that was not common. Thanks Jack!

In Guangzhou, we were able to connect with several wonderful families who were also adopting. Some of them were "online friends" from various yahoo forums and facebook. 

Johnson Family!

 What a treat to be able to spend time getting to know these families and hearing their testimonies and adoption stories. 
Karen Yingling & daughter Cami
Roy & Lori Cross and their new children, Joy & Joshua!

It was the exact encouragement that I needed! 

Tammy & Jim McIntosh & daughters Nicki & Jessie
 Even the locals were gracious to us and quite hospitable.  

It was as if the Lord was sending these angels to cross my path at the precise moment when I needed them. Traveling alone is difficult under any circumstance, but in a foreign country with sons who understand minimal English, let's just say my week would have been quite different here without these amazing new friends who came along side us.

I would be remiss if I did not also stop to say thank you to each of my sweet friends from "home" who made my stay easier by skyping me each day (the highlight of most days), caring for my boys at home in my absence and sending email messages.  That connection to home really means a lot. I have the best group of friends in the world!  I love each of you.

I am very excited about being home soon, but I am also grateful for this time with the boys and the fun we have had here in China.  It may be a few days before I can post again, but I promise to get homecoming photos and "First Christmas" pics up soon!  Good night/morning all.


Vicky said...

What a blessing to be heading home with your new son! I have loved following your blog and your journey! Merry Christmas!

Justine said...

I love hearing about the faithfulness of God in the "little" things. Thank you for writing about this. Congratulations and have a safe trip home!

Jennifer said...

It has been such a joy to follow along on your journey! Prayers for safe travels home and a very blessed Christmas! :)

Carmi said...

Praying you have a safe journey home!

Sherri said...

Praying for you right now! i can never tell you how much you helped me in that one phone call. Still praying and waiting and trying to EXPEDITE!