Friday, December 2, 2011

Wonderful Day!

days left!

Today was a very special day!  I had lunch with a wonderful group of adoptive mothers and their children.

We had a fabulous meal 
and sweet fellowship.

OK, there was a little bit of
 foolishness as well!

After the third person got up from the table to get more of the amazing homemade bread, we decided we would save some steps and bring it to the table!  It was unbelievably yummy!

Since I have had such a 
miracle-rich week, 
(which I will blog about later 
once I get all the thoughts
 sorted out)
I waited until I had them all together and then began sharing with each of them the miraculous ways that God has worked in our lives over the past week.

Just when they think they can't handle one more "God moment", I receive an email on my phone while I am in the middle of my story and it was MORE GOOD NEWS!

Our Article 5, 
which I mentioned in yesterday's post, 
was issued and picked up today!  It was truly the icing on the cake!

We each shared our own adoption journeys with one another and marveled at how God is moving in the Charleston area to move hearts in BIG ways!

After we stuffed all the bread in that we could possibly handle, we moved to the living room and had a sweet time of prayer.  My sweet, Godly friends asked that the Lord watch over me and Colin as we travel to get Cameron. They asked that He mesh us together with him right away and begin to knit us together as family.

We prayed for our husbands and our children, those with us now and those still waiting to come home.  

All the while, our children played in the yard and had a marvelous time with one another.  No fighting, no fussing, no blood.  It was the perfect afternoon.  The perfect respite from all the list making, planning, packing.....

BUT, now.... the fun is over and I am back to running errands, checking lists and, what else was there???

Oh yeah!  Christmas!  

A small detail that must be handled much earlier this year than  most. So, while I type this, my sweet husband is wrapping the last of the gifts.

(The Grinch refused to let me post a picture of this activity...)

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kimjax said...

Angie, I LOVED hearing the amazing stories yesterday - and really appreciate you using my foolishness as blog fodder, NOT! That bread was seriously good - I'm wishing I took some home....Still praying for you, friend!