Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So I suppose I should have titled yesterday's Gotcha Day photos a little differently since, officially, Cameron was  not a Rylands until TODAY!

Yes, it is official. We both signed our paperwork and have the red ink on our hands to prove it! When Colin did this, they only asked for a fingerprint.  For Cameron, they asked for his entire hand print, so he had lots of ink on his hand!

The boys were great while we waited for the bank to process our payments.

They got a little silly exchanging coats which really tickled them since Colin's coat was so much bigger than Cameron's.

The new coat he came into the office with.

The swaperoo- notice how short the sleeves are on Colin now!

Extra large sleeves on zombie Cameron!
Then Cameron saw Colin jumping up to tap the wall above the door frame and wanted to try.  Needless to say, his own attempts were not fruitful, so he enlisted some assistance from his big brother!

Here we are- one big portion of our Happy Family!  Does anyone else notice how much this kid smiles?

After we finally got finished there, we went back to the grocery store to stock up on supplies, hit the McDonald's on the way by and finally landed back in our room.  Cameron had so much fun playing "Farkle" last night that he wanted to play again, so the boys played while I blogged.

Cameron won again!

Now we are off to explore the waterside of the Yangtze River in Wuhan with our "Angry Bird" hackysacks! 


kimjax said...

I'm getting up WAY to early to check in here, lol! I'm so glad all is going well!!

Vicky said...

I am amazed at the change in Colin in such a short time in your home! I love that he is such a great big brother to both of your sons! Congratulations on Cameron being a "legal" Rylands!

I have loved following your blog!

Anonymous said...

All the very best wishes to your adoption of Cameron. He does have the most beautiful smile.