Thursday, December 8, 2011

God is in the Details

I have been pondering over the past few days exactly how I wanted to share this post.  I pray that as you read this particular post that you see God- not me.  I have been overwhelmed, truly, in recent weeks by the God of details.  I am not even sure that I can share with you all the incredible ways that the Lord has loved me and my family over these past weeks leading up to our second trip to China in less than 4 months.

He has shown himself in the most creative and heart-warming ways.  The most obvious of which would be the ways in which he provided the funds we needed for this, our second international adoption in 6 months.  I don't want to minimize how incredible this has been, because it was no small feat!  After completing Colin's adoption in exactly 4 months, we had depleted not only all of our own savings, but the vast majority of the resources of our friends and family.  It was inconceivable that we could return to that "well" again so soon after over 100 people partnered with us to get Colin home.  But, through the wise words of a dear friend of mine, the Lord let me know in no uncertain terms that this time, there would be no way for me to take even a little credit for the miracles that were to follow. When I shared with this friend that I felt the Lord was leading us to go back to China for Cameron so soon after returning with Colin, I asked her how in the world we could proceed knowing that we did not have the resources to complete the adoption.  She wisely commented that she felt the Lord had big plans for this second adoption and that "He was not going to allow me to take any credit for the funding this time".  At first I was surprised because, to me, God had a very big role in our ability to fund Colin's adoption.  She reminded me how hard we worked and how tirelessly we fundraised for that adoption.  Her point?  Don't get in the way and limit what God can do based on what "I" could accomplish.

So, there we went. On another crazy journey with the Lord.  Only this time, there was no large community yard sale, or other big magic bullet ready to provide the over $20,000 we needed. (Oh, and did I mention that we had about 8 weeks to accomplish all of this?)

Not only did He provide a huge grant that covered about 75% of the needed funds, but He arranged for a reduction in our fees and moved one specific individual who donated, at the exact moment it was needed, one lump sum that covered almost to the penny what was still lacking only 3 days before we left.  This particular donor, who preferred to remain anonymous, was someone we do not have a personal relationship with.  They could not possibly have known exactly what we needed, and yet, there it was, for across the world, the perfect God-sized gift!

You would think, if you have been with us here since the beginning that we would grow quite accustomed to always having our needs met by the Lord.  And, I must admit, there was a supernatural calm about this second adoption that only could have come to this compulsive worrier planner through the Holy Spirit.

But, none of those miracles is really what brings me to share with you today.  Rather, it is the way that God has loved me in the small, insignificant (and yet not) ways as our trip came closer to a reality.

Yes, He miraculously provided the money. And, although I try to never take that for granted or lose the appropriate sense of awe that should accompany these loving acts, I must confess that I expected nothing less from the God who loves these boys far greater than I ever will.  So, maybe that did not move me the way that it should have.  I knew that it was the Lord's will for us to pursue Cameron.  And, practically speaking, the money was required to fulfill that mission, so I knew that one way or another, it would be there.

But, when the Lord is pleased to move in ways that are NOT necessary, but still for my benefit, I am suddenly deeply moved.  One such example follows:

As we approached the week of our departure to China, I was finding myself feeling depressed that I did not have very much to pack that actually fit me.  Knowing that I couldn't possibly buy clothes for myself when I was asking others to support this adoption, I resigned myself to making due with what I had and was determined not to pout about it.  (And this is coming from a real clothes horse!)  Well, when a dear sweet friend found out that I did not have but one pair of jeans I could take with me, she offered to keep the kids for me one day so that Tom and I could go to the Goodwill and look for jeans.  So, off we went. And we were successful. After pushing  through several hundred pairs of jeans, I finally found a pair that looked pretty good.  When we returned to pick up the boys, we sat and chatted a bit about our "good finds" and then, quite suddenly, my friend asked me what size I was wearing these days. (Now, I must note that this friend is significantly smaller than me, so I could not imagine how this information could yield anything but a depressing comparison in my own mind)  That said, I told her my size and she immediately jumped up from her seat and told me to stay put.  A few minutes later, she returned with several trash bags full of clothes.  She hauled me back to the bedroom to sort through what turned out to be a complete wardrobe of clothes that were EXACTLY MY SIZE!!!  I was so overwhelmed at the fact that God cared about my wardrobe issues.  We both commented on what a glorious and loving God we serve that He would concern Himself with even the smallest of details.  I also learned that the origin of these beautiful clothes was in and of itself very special.  You see, my friend lost someone she dearly loved, a very close friend, to cancer this past year.  These were her clothes that she was sharing with me.  I was even more honored that she would want me to have them.  I would not have appreciated them any more if they were right off the rack! 

Well, today we saw, yet again, how much God thinks of the details of our lives and how He orchestrates the perfect intersections with such perfection.  We learned recently that the daughter and son-in-law of some church friends of ours live "near Wuhan".  Pretty cool huh?  But, in a country with Billions of people, what are the odds that we would ever see one another?  So, after booking our tickets earlier than originally planned, it just so happens that we are traveling through Beijing this time around.  And, it just happens that this couple is traveling to Beijing with students the EXACT SAME DAYS that we are here. AND...(can you stand any more?) it also happens that in a City the size of Beijing, that they are staying at a hotel ON THE SAME STREET only a few blocks apart.  And, because of the tightness of our funds, we were not able to afford a guide every day we are here and had today completely on our own.  I had no idea what we might do to pass the time today until... I receive an email from this young lady with an offer to get together today and tour the city!

Not only did I get to meet a very neat couple who love the Lord, but the Lord provided company for us today so that we would not be alone in a strange city with no one to keep us safe as we trapse around the town.  We had a great time visiting the Silk Market and I even got the take my first subway ride! Ever. 

I have always heard the saying, "The Devil is in the details", but I am here to say that our God, who loves us with a love that we cannot begin to comprehend is in each and every detail and if we stop for even a moment to look around, we can see how He allows things to work together in our lives to demonstrate that love to us. 



kimjax said...

What a testimony, Angie. I love to watch God lavish you with His love and care - and work even the smallest details out to let you know He's with you.:) Praying you get your TA today! Love, Kim

Maile Valentine said...

Amazing story!! I love that the blessings that have been bestowed upon you have helped you pass the blessings on to wonderful children. So excited to follow your journey!

Teresa said...

Thank you for touching my heart today. I am fairly new to your story and did not realize that you were completing your second adoption in such a short time. But when God calls go! It's amazing how He paves the way for us when we answer the call.
Looking forward to following the rest of your journey. Glad you had such a great day in Beijing!

Sharon said...

Oooooh, Angie. I love this post...absolutely LOVE it!! I needed to read this today. Truly, I did.

Jennifer said...

Oh my word. What an amazing, wonderful, faithful God we serve!!! I loved this post Angie...and I also needed it. This has come at just the right moment in our adoptions. Thank you, and may the Lord continue to work great things through you and your family! :)

Marsha said...

Thanks so much. What a wonderful testimony. Its always so good to be reminded of how God cares, BEYOND just the big stuff, but delights in us, with clothes, and a touring companion. When we found out we were traveling 3/10, I emailed fam and friends. One of my 2 adopted chinese cousins emailed me back that she and her 4 kids would be in Beijing the EXACT same day as us, and her twin sister, living in China at the time, would be there with her fam of 4 kids too to pick them up. These 2 cousins were the reason I had the desire to adopt starting at 7 yrs old. They had just found their birth mother in Taiwan. The one cousin, who had found their birth mother, was able to be with us when we met our daughter in Beijing for the 1st time! Experience a "gotcha" day as an adult. And all of us, 3 fams with 10 all 1/2 chinese kids, and my mom, traveled to the GReat Wall and Summer Palace together for a day. It was magical, God ordained, and showed how God delights in us and showers us with blessings BEYOND what we can ask or imagine. In my wildest dreams, I could NEVER have even conceived that! Enjoy the rest of God's marvelous adventure for you in China. Thanks for accepting the joyous mission.

Linette said...

Thank you for sharing! I love hearing God-stories!

Monica said...

WOW! What an amazing God we serve. He lavishes His extravagant gift of love on us.

Sherri said...


Justine said...

Wonderful! He loves us so much! I have a (kind of) similar story that just happened to me after Thanksgiving. Here it is: