Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Safari Park- we finally made it.

So after being rained out the last time we were in Guangzhou, we finally got to the Safari Park. Friends had told us it was a great place to visit and very worth the money. Well, that advice did not disappoint.  We had amazing weather today, a nice group of families with whom to visit and a comfy bus ride over.

The "gang"

We were able to share this day with the same family that we met in Beijing and who climbed the Great Wall with us.

Additionally, a new friend, Karen, and her daughter Cami joined us and we all had a wonderful time with plenty of laughing!

When you get to this point in the trip, all you really care about is filling time until you can leave.  

Honestly, I don't mean that to sound bad, there are some amazing things to see and do in China and you do appreciate and enjoy those, but at this point, fatigue begins to take its toll and it becomes harder and harder to get excited about yet another day away from HOME.  So, when we were able to arrange this group trip to the Safari park, each of us felt good that this was going to be something fun that could fill the "Lion's Share" of the day.
(Pun intended).

I say all of that to show that for so many reasons, not the least of which is that the kids had a blast, there were plenty of reasons to be happy about our day.

But, all of those reasons, good as they are, PALE greatly in comparison to this....

On the Safari shuttle ride through the park, I sat in the middle of our row between the two boys.  As soon as we got to a point in the ride where we were seeing all the animals along the side of the road, Cameron lit up and immediately tapped me on the leg as if to say, "Look Mom!"  pointing at the latest cool animal.

Now, I realize that this is not much of a milestone for the average Mother and son. But, it is a "set off the fireworks" moment for an older boy and especially for one who has been adopted at such a late stage in his development.  All those things that our other children experience with us as toddlers and small children are things that Cameron has experienced (to a much lesser degree) with caregivers.  Many caregivers.  Not a mother. NOT. THIS. MOTHER.

What makes this even better is that is was not a one time thing. He did this over and over on the riding portion of our trip. Once we reached the end of the ride and walked around the remaining sections of the park, he even ran after me and motioned that I had to come look at something. Even the other mothers there noticed his enthusiasm to share this experience with me. Not his brother, who to this point is the only person he has really connected with, but ME!  Did I mention that I was excited?  It is a small thing really, but a glimmer of hope that he can trust me and that he wants to share with me. 

Praising God for his faithfulness. He knows what my heart needs and he knows and loves Cameron more than I ever could.  


kimjax said...

Just love it, Angie! I'm so happy Cameron enjoyed the park. One more cup of coffee and I'm off to call ya friend!

Justine said...

Wonderful! So happy for you all!

Annie said...

Oh Angie!!!! I understand completely and am THRILLED for you!!! The Lord is moving in his heart and what a beautiful transformation it will be!!

Olivia said...

Angie thanks for keep us updated on your adventures! I just love reading about everything. Cameron is SO cute I can't stand it! What an incredible journey God has your family on. Thanks for sharing!

Jenni Hester said...

That is AWESOME that Cameron showed so clearly how he is wanting to share his private world with you!! What a priceless gift!!

Lisa said...

Ummm Angie, were you seriously that close to a bear? I'm kind of scared of the Safari Park now!! And can ostriches hurt people? It looks like it's chasing the train, ha ha. Btw, I knew I spelled Colin's name wrong in my comment yesterday. I kept staring at it thinking it wasn't right. I had a 50/50 chance and I blew it. Sorry Colin!!!