Monday, December 19, 2011

Passed TB test

This morning we awoke early, (and by we, I mean ME) and headed down to breakfast.  We enjoyed our meal with another nice couple from Charlotte, NC who was in GZ adopting their new daughter, Sophia.  For those of you who have traveled this road before, and especially those who have traveled alone to get your child, you know how important it is to connect with other families.  For me, it has been a true breath of fresh air to enjoy a meal with, not only an English speaking family, but one who has or is adopting. That camaraderie is so special. They are always a source of encouragement.

My sweet friend Kim Jackson 
(veteran adoption mom and all around gal pal) 

reminded me today that at this point in the journey, you start to fatigue quickly and all that was new and interesting can quickly become annoying, so I am to take care of myself right now. Moms are never that good at that task, but in this case, it is important that I do.

So, I have taken every opportunity to enjoy the company of other families and to share a meal or a conversation as often as I can.  It really has allowed the days to pass more quickly and it is a good distraction from missing the rest of my family back home.

So, today was the day we get the TB test read. We joined a guide that was subbing for our guide and went off the the medical center.
Luckily, Cameron's TB test passed and so we were not required to do a follow up chest X ray.  (For those who do not know, it is not easy to get a child home if they test positive for TB and it does happen)  

After that hurdle was jumped, we all went off as a group and explored the herb, animal and fish markets. Even saw some Scorpions along the way.

We are told that they boil the poison out and then use them for making wine, soups etc. Yum. NOT!

After the cultural excursion, we proceeded to the pearl market (now, we're getting somewhere!) where I was able to get the requested pearls for my sister's daughter.  
The funniest part of that trip to the Pearl Market was that the ladies that were there immediately remembered Colin and me. They even asked about Tommy (who was with us in August). They remembered exactly what Tommy purchased with his money that day.  I was a little shocked that they would remember our family in such detail, although I suppose we do stand out in a crowd (LOL) even with the large number of American families that they encounter each week.  

Now we are enjoying a little downtime in the room. Tomorrow, we join a couple of other families and head out to the Safari Park.  The boys will really enjoy this I know.  I will post pics tomorrow evening for everyone.  All in all, this week is going smoothly. Our next official activity is Thursday morning at the Consulate. Until then, we are on our own.  Thursday, we go to the immigration ceremony, Friday afternoon we receive Cameron's visa and Saturday morning we leave for home!  So, if all goes well, we will arrive back in DC on Christmas Eve.  I am looking forward to seeing my other boys and to Colin and Cameron meeting the extended family for Christmas.


Carmi said...

Yeah! So glad you will be home for Christmas!!

Lisa said...

Hi Angie!! So neat you'll be home on Christmas Eve! I'm sure you all will be pretty tired though! Just so you know, I know you don't intentionally mean to pull on everyone's heart-strings,(lol) but that pic of Collin with his arm around his new brother...tear jerker!! It's right on par with the video of your hubby hugging Collin after you guys just sang Happy B-day to him. I showed my hubby the pic and he had tears in his eyes. You seriously have the coolest family. Take care, Lisa